“I protect you, you protect me”

The main argument for using home masks: Homemade masks are partially effective in protecting them, but are essential for slowing the spread of the virus in the population. The main result of our research has been to stop about 95% – 100% of the viruses people emit when breathing, sneezing or coughing. In the early days, people are extremely contagious and without symptoms, so we need masks for everyone.

We have successfully tested this assumption at two major technical universities and are highly recommended by the COVID CZECH expert team in coordination with the President of the Czech Technical University, Prague. The team consists of a virologist, epidemiologist, physicians with specialization in population protection, chemists, and physicists with specialization in filtration. This group is an expert group advising the Czech government. Now in the Czech Republic wearing masks is a must.
Please share and help spread this important message that can save lives and slow down the epidemic.