Israelis are now required to wear face masks outdoors in a mandatory directive issued by the Health Ministry that went into effect this week. The Health Ministry has said that these masks can be store-bought, homemade, or makeshift but that they must cover the nose and mouth. offer a wide range and style for Corona Face Mask. This special designed face mask made with care, love and professional machine sawing and have well fine finish.

Fabric Professionally sewn reusable face mask. Contoured sewing design to fit nose and fit snug under chin for maximum protection. Floral design will vary mask to mask as the fabric is cut and sewn together but will be very similar to photos. I have tried to put as many variations of the print as possible in the photos.

Officials have recommended against buying traditional N95 or surgical masks, mainly because they want to leave them for the health care workers. In recent weeks, Israel has faced a shortage of personal protective equipment, including masks, for medical workers though that has changed in recent weeks due to shipments from China, and deliveries coordinated by Israel’s national intelligence agency.

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